"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

- Gandhi


Date While You Wait provides a quick, meaningful and unforgettable dose of goodness in a world sometimes flooded with negativity. Each day in New York City, hundreds of thousands of strangers standing next to each other without saying one word with their eyes fixated on electronic devices during dismal commutes. Date While You Wait is a beautiful distraction to lighten the mood of someone’s day and strike up fun conversations while waiting on a subway platform. 


Hours before Date While You Wait occurs, I use Social Media to announce the subway location I'll be conducting connections that day. Commuters head to the subway and take a second to connect. Simultaneously, unaware Commuters find themselves captivated by watching me engage in countless conversations that revolve around great interaction and a few board games. 


Date While You Wait has since been adopted all over the world as a roadmap to successfully connect people, and my tools are used to enhance connection in creative ways. I've been interviewed by “The New York Times”, CNN, “Huffington Post”, and CBS just to name a few. I've also been invited to several countries and colleges all around the world to speak about the importance of communication and human connection. 



Date While You Wait has now evolved into a company, focused on continuing to provide unique ways for people to connect. Through speaking engagements, workshop series, and events. I've allowed my love for human connection to take on a new form. I now aim to inspire and encourage people everywhere to follow their dreams. I've also started a bow tie line giving people the ability to be unique in style.  Check them out!